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Meet Our Members


Executive Board

Shay Cohen


Kaayla Nehmadhi

VP of Brand

Victoria Kaplan

VP of Operations

James Hirschowitz

VP of Fund

Simone Beilin

Co-VP of Fund

Jonah Goodman

VP of Consulting

Maya Camu

VP of Programming

Cameron Feldmar

Co-VP of Education

Mischa Zeven

Co-VP of Education


Megan Kalvala
Co-Director of Recruitment

Rohun Malhotra
Co-Director of Recruitment

Abbie Peck
Director of Marketing

Ben Ronell 
Co- Director of Fund

Andrew Petlak
Director of Internal Affairs

Jonathan Zvi
Director of Programming

Judah Feig
Director of Community Development

Nicole Klein
Director of Alumni Relations

Olivia Kramarsky
Director of Special Events

Natasha Sachar
Director of Outreach

             Zachary Feldmar

               Director of Tech Consulting

Alumni Placement

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