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Why Israel?

Tamid was built to connect business-minded students with the Israeli economy because of the immense quantity of and wholly unique business opportunities Israel offers. Israel has developed a highly advanced and primarily knowledge-based economy centered around its major economic sector: high-technology. As such, Israel has been widely dubbed the “Startup Nation” with the largest number of startups per capita in the world, and produces the second most startups globally after Silicon Valley. Its emphasis on innovation and technology and reputation as an entrepreneurial powerhouse are the reasons why we, like so many multinational corporations, invest our focus on Israel.

Startup Nation

Highest number of startups per capita (1 per 1,400 people)


Israel has the second most startups in the world only behind Silicon Valley 


3rd most companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange


Highest gross FDI in the Middle East due to return on investment

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